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Monitoring the Weather


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on Thu, 2012-01-12 18:14

The latest weather news is posted at the top center of every page on this website during inclement weather situations.

The purpose of this post is to share the process school officials use to decide if schools should close due to inclement weather and to remind you to return here to find the latest official weather updates.

Making the Call

Whitfield County Schools uses a team approach to decide if schools will close due to inclement weather conditions.

The decision to close is only made after staff members review reports from the National Weather Service and county emergency management officials. Our staff also inspects road conditions and collaborates with other school districts in the region.

After working with school staff the superintendent makes a decision that is announced as soon as possible, but not before reviewing all available information. The primary concern when making the decision to close schools is the safety of students and staff.

Families with up-to-date contact information can expect an automated phone message from Whitfield County Schools. School closings are also announced on local radio, television, and newspaper media including:

Families can always check online to learn when schools are closed.

When in doubt, come back here to the Whitfield County Schools website to find the latest official updates.