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The end of the school year means our annual Employee Celebration is coming next week. We recognize our Teachers, Paraprofessionals, and Employees of the Year along with retiring staff members. We hope you can join your friends and colleagues being recognized on this special day.

Employee Celebration
Northwest Georgia College & Career Academy
Tuesday, May 27
8 a.m.

  • Infinite Visions – also known as IV Web or IV Portal, log in to review your payroll and workflow information
  • Webmail – Web-based email access for staff members of Whitfield County Schools
  • Infinite Campus – Educator access to the student information system
  • Forms Manager – log in to complete forms electronically with our online forms manager and for other available SchoolStream services
  • Field Trip Forms – log in to request a field trip
  • AESOP – automated substitute placement and absence management
  • Sharepoint – collaborate with colleagues
  • Human Resources – learn about employee benefits, certification, employment, and retirement
  • Staff Dress Code

Infinite Visions Portal

Employee pay stubs and W-2 Tax and Wage Statements are available electronically through the Infinite Visions Web Portal. Instructions for first-time users are customized for two groups of employees in Whitfield County Schools.

  • employees with a current school district computer login and password, such as teachers and administrators, click here
  • employees without district login information, such as retirees, substitutes, and cafeteria workers, should click here

Employees who have problems or need corrections should email Manda Clark for support.

Useful Forms

These forms may be useful for you to review and download.

W–2 Tax and Wage Statements

Payroll staff processed 2,201 W–2's for calendar year 2013. They are available now on the Infinite Visions Portal. The following information is in response to some of the questions that employees may have about their W–2.

Who gets a W–2?

All employees who received a paycheck for the 2013 calendar year will receive a W–2. Each employee will receive only one W–2 regardless of the number of jobs worked for the school system (for example, working as both a bus driver and as a food service employee).

Why are the wages shown on my W–2 different than on my check stub?

The regular pay that is printed on your check stub will be different than your W–2 if you participate in a tax-sheltered annuity, the Section 125 plan, or the Teachers Retirement System.. The following examples show how the taxable wages in the boxes on your W–2 form will be less than the gross pay shown on your check stubs because of tax exempt deductions:

Other information that you may see on your W–2 form include the following:

Some of these items may need to be entered into your income tax return. We hope this information helps you. You should share this information with the person who prepares your 2013 income tax returns.