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Certification & Substitutes

Visit our Certification Page to learn more about the Georgia Performance Standards Commission guidelines for certification of teachers and school staff. We also have information for substitute teachers and lunchroom staff.


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Substitute Teachers


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Current substitute teachers (pay schedule) may proceed to log in to AESOP

Substitute Cafeteria Staff

Anyone interested in working as a substitute for absent lunchroom staff may contact Ashton Staffing. Applicants may complete an application at their office at 306 North Thornton Avenue in Dalton (click for map). Monday through Thursday from 8 a.m. to 12 p.m.

The next substitute cafeteria employee workshop will be at Ashton Staffing at 306 North Thornton Avenue in Dalton on July 29, from 4–6 p.m. Please contact Ashton Staffing at (706) 370-4695 to complete paperwork and register for the class.

For more information, contact Ashton Staffing at (706) 370-4695, email, or visit its office at 306 North Thornton Avenue.

Substitute Teacher Workshops

All applicants interested in substitute teaching must complete registration and attend the Whitfield County Schools Substitute Workshop. Fingerprinting must also be completed before attending the workshop. Keep reading for more information about fingerprinting below.

Registration windows for upcoming Substitute Teacher Workshops are included in the schedule below. For more information contact Ashton Staffing at (706) 370-4695. Seating is limited and registration is required prior to attending the workshop. 

Substitute Teacher Requirements

Substitute Teacher Workshop Dates

The next substitute teacher workshop will be at the central office building  at 1306 South Thornton Avenue in Dalton on Sept. 26, from 8 a.m. to 1 p.m. Please contact Ashton Staffing at (706) 370-4695 to complete paperwork and register for the class.


  • Documentation Required to Register:
    • Proof of last grade attended in school (copy of diploma or transcript),
    • Valid Driver’s License,
    • Social Security Card, Passport, or Certified Birth Certificate, and
    • Option for Automatic Deposit bring a voided check.
  • Automated Educational Substitute Operator (AESOP)
    • Upon completion of the Substitute Teacher Workshop, the applicant is entered into the Automated Educational Substitute Operator (AESOP) system.
    • AESOP allows substitutes to search for work themselves by calling a toll free number or by visiting
    • AESOP will also call upon substitutes based upon a preference list managed by the school system.
    • AESOP training will be provided during the Substitute Workshop.

For more information, please e-mail Ginger Stafford at or call (706) 217-6764.

GAPS Registration Process for Whitfield County Schools

The Georgia Bureau of Investigation has awarded Cogent Systems the contract to provide electronic fingerprint submission services for applicants in the State of Georgia. The new service, Georgia Applicant Processing Services (GAPS), will provide the ability for applicants to have fingerprint backgrounds checks processed electronically in a non-criminal justice environment.

  1. Access the GAPS website at

  2. Click on “Single Applicant Registration” in the “Registration” section.

  3. All of the fields that are in yellow and have an asterisk (*) must be completed. Near the end of the Registration screen you will see a heading entitled Transaction Information. In this area you must:

    • Click on the drop box next to Reason and select the reason the applicant is being fingerprinted (School Employment - Public Schools).
    • Click on the drop box next to Payment and select the appropriate payment option. If credit card is selected you will be prompted to enter additional information so please have credit card information available during the registration process. If Money Order is selected as the payment type, the applicant must provide the money order for the amount shown on the Step 3 - Registration Complete screen, make money order payable to Cogent Systems - GAPS, at the GAPS Print Location before being fingerprinted.
    • Enter GA930980Z in the ORI/OAC field.
    • Enter WCSHR2010 in the Verification field.
    • Do not click on the box “Does another agency make the fitness determination?”
    • Click Next and a screen to verify the demographic information is correct will be displayed. Click Next and a Registration ID number will be given. Applicants will need that Registration ID number when they go to a nearby GAPS Print Location to get their fingerprints taken.

Required Identification Documents

Applicants must provide current, valid and unexpired picture identification documents when they visit a GAPS Print Location. As a primary form of picture identification one of the following will be accepted:

  • Primary Documents
    • State Issued Driver’s License with Photograph State Issued Identification Card with Photograph US Passport with Photograph US Active Duty/Retiree/Reservist Military ID Card (000 10-2) with Photograph Government Issued Employee Identification Card with Photograph (includes Federal, State, County, City, etc.)
    • Tribal Identification Card with Photograph

However, in the absence of one of the above Primary identifications, applicants may provide one or more of the following Secondary Documents, along with two of the supporting documents listed below:

  • Secondary Documents
    • State Government Issued Certificate of Birth Social Security Card Certificate of Citizenship (N560) Certificate of Naturalization (N550)
    • INS 1-551 Resident Alien Card Issued since 1997 NS 1-688 Temporary Resident Identification Card INS I-688B, I-766 Employment Authorization Card
  • Secondary Documentation must be supported by at least two of the following:
    • Utility Bill (Address) Voter Registration Card Vehicle Registration Card/Title
    • Paycheck Stub with Name/Address Cancelled Check or Bank Statement

This institution is an equal opportunity provider.